How To Rank Push Fast In Free Fire Latest Version 2021 -

How to rank push fast in Free Fire latest version 2021


Today we show the best way to rank and push fastly or quickly on the popular game Free Fire for the latest version in 2021. Every free-fire lover must-see.

The ranking system in Free Fire is well-known and presents a challenge to most players. They can use the rank tier system to demonstrate their game validity and abilities to function on the ground.

Top 5 important tips for rank pushing quickly in Free Fire

As a result, players frequently seek out strategies to rapidly advance through the rank categories. A newly ranked season is in full swing in Free Fire following the OB26 update, and this post discusses some vital strategies and methods for swiftly and effectively pushing ranks.

1. Choose the best and most appropriate character.

When it comes to stepping into the game, it is very important to choose the most appropriate character. This is a very important issue for every player. 

Players have the option to select a character based on their chosen gameplay style. DJ Alok, for example, is a good choice for both offensive and passive players, while Skyler is a great choice for offensive players for the rank push.

2. Carry the greatest weapons you can for a quick rank push.

During a match, the right combination of weapons is also important. A long-range and a mid-range gun can be chosen by players who like to play it safe and avoid fighting. And he also has to keep in mind that during the game, we have to push the rank very quickly.

Aggressive players that want to improve their kill count should have a short and mid-range gun on them at all times because they get into confrontations regularly.

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3. Choose the best and right landing spots.

In Free Fire, the landing position is one of the most important criteria in calculating a player’s survival time. As a result, in order to move up the ranks quickly, players must avoid driving for kills and rather than focus on earlier engagements.

To keep people safe and live longer lives, they must always avoid strenuous regions and populated areas, and land far away from the flight direction. This could also result in them receiving higher and more rank scores from one single fight.

4. Play Free Fire squad matches with your friends.

In practice, playing in a team with teammates is essential. Gaming alone is never suggested because it is more difficult to grind the levels and offers fewer rank pushes.

Players can have proper connectivity, planning, and therefore also better possibilities of surviving until the end, securing the maximum number of rank points, when they play with friends.

5. Always have a vehicle with you when playing free fire.

Having a vehicle is also one of the biggest choices you can make inside the game. A vehicle not only allows players to move from one location to another more quickly, but it also gives immediate cover in open locations.


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